Dr. Yali Zheng

Associate Professor,

Vision Measuring and Learning Lab,

School of Automation Engineering, UESTC.

Email: zhengyl at uestc.edu.cn

Office:Room 501, #4 Building,  D Group Buildings

郑亚莉 博士/副教授




Email: zhengyl at uestc.edu.cn;


IEEE 会员,中国图像图形学会会员,电子科技大学自动化工程学院模式识别方向副教授,硕士生导师。2012年博士毕业于重庆大学计算机视觉与模式识别方向。2008年-2011年在美国卡内基梅隆大学进行博士生联合培养,从事三维视觉重建等方面的研究。现任电子科技大学自动化工程学院专任教师,创办视觉检测与学习实验室。主要研究兴趣包括非刚性目标重建与匹配,电子工业视觉检测及其应用。先后主持国家自然科学基金青年项目1项,面上项目1项,中国博士后基金面上项目一等资助1项,中央高校资助1项。曾经在CVPR,ICPR,Pattern Recognition, Neurocomputing等国际会议上和知名期刊上发表包括SCI/EI收录学术论文10余篇,申请国家发明专利10余项。

Associate professor, master supervisor, IEEE member. She received her PhD. Degree from Chongqing University in 2012. She was doing research on Computer Vision in Carnegie Mellon University as visiting PhD. student from 2008 to 2011. Now she is the founder of Vision Measuring and Learning Lab in School of Automation Engineering. Her research interests include some fundemental problems in Computer vision, Patter recogntion and Machine learning, especially in non-rigid object reconstruction, graph matching, and Multi-view geometry and its application in electronic industry. Her works were published on the conference of CVPR, ICPR, and Journals of Pattern Recognition, Neurocomputing and et al.

本实验室招收高年级本科生、硕士,欢迎有志于科研的优秀研究生加入特别是具有良好的编程能力,曾有过C,C++,python,Java,JSP等编程经验,自律性强的全日制和非全日制研究生。实验室将根据贡献程度,为全日制研究生提供科研补贴和项目奖励,并提供参加国内、国际学术会议的交流机会;为非全日制研究生提供住宿和科研补贴,并根据贡献程度提供实验室奖学金 。欢迎具有浓厚的科研兴趣,希望从事理论或实际工程研究的同学将简历发至zhengyl@uestc.edu.cn

I am currently looking for graduate and undergraduate students with strong self-motivation, specially students with great programming skill and good programming experience. Please contact me via email for details about available positions.

研究方向 (Research Interests)



       Generative adversarial learning for 3D human shape generation in natural scenarios, NSFC, PI,01/2020-12/2023, ¥590K.


      Bases learning and reconstruction of human joint motion from long-term sequences, NSFC for young scientists, PI, 01/2017-12/2019, ¥180K.


      Vision-based indoor localization and mapping for robots with cloud-brain, First-class support from China Postdoctoral Science Fundation (CPSF), PI, 11/2016-10/2018, 80K.


       Structured-sparsity modeling for 3D Human motion reconstruction, University of Electronic Science and Technology, PI, 01/2016-12/2017, 100K.


      Pre-research Project for auto routing, JUJN Corp., PI, 01/2019-12/2019, 100K.

硕士研究生 (Master students)

本科生 (Undergraduates)

讲授课程 (Classes)

  - 机器学习(0608117010),2018-2019春(与郭宏亮副教授合上); Machine learning (0608117010), 2018-2019 Spring (Co-Instructor, with Prof. Hongliang Guo)

  - 人工智能(H0620520.05),2015-2017秋,2019秋;Artificial Inteligence (H0620520.05),2015-2017, 2019 Fall;

  - 微处理器系统结构与嵌入式系统(E0634850.04),2019春;Microprocessor system structure and embedding system (E0634850.04), 2019 Spring;

  - 计算机软件基础(F0600420.03),2017,2019春;Fundamentals of Computer Software (F0600420.03), 2017, 2019 Spring;